General Information


We aim to help owners modify behaviour effectively and humanely in the long term
We believe this is best based on understanding the causes of behaviour
From an understanding there logically follows a set of options for modifying the behaviour
These options may include environmental change, learning, devices, medication or surgery


Success means different things to different people
Some owners want an instant, complete and permanent change in behaviour
Others are happy knowing they are doing the right thing in the circumstances
There is often no "cure" available
The best we can do may be to help you control and manage the behaviour
We consider the consult to have been successful when you are happy with the service provided


We Do
We guarantee to do our best to help you understand the causes and options for modifying the behaviour

We Do Not
We do not guarantee that the behaviour will be changed or modified to your satisfaction
We do not believe that the behaviour of an animal can be guaranteed
Many factors influence its behaviour, and these are not always controllable
For instance, a dog may suddenly develop a sore ear and bite you when you touch that area
Responsibility for the animal’s behaviour remains with the owner, guardian or caretaker

Personnel – Robert Holmes

Summary of Qualifications
Qualified as veterinarian (1969 University of Edinburgh)
Awarded PhD in animal behaviour (1975 University of Bristol)
Awarded Membership (1991) and Fellowship (1993) of Australian College of Veterinary Scientists in animal behaviour by examination
Taught animal behaviour and handling to veterinary students for 16 years (1974-1989 Massey University, NZ)
Member of editorial board of Applied Animal Behaviour Science, 1978 - 1987
Created and controlled full academic course "Principles of Canine Behaviour" (1989 Massey University)
Examiner of postgraduate theses for the Universities of Queensland, Melbourne, Massey and Otago over 18 years (1976-1993)
Head Examiner in animal behaviour for the Australian College of Veterinary Scientists for 9 years (1993-2001)
Presently full-time animal behaviour consultant with approximately 80% of cases involving dogs, and about 20 % cats
Based in Melbourne with regular visits to Adelaide and Sydney
Provided telephone consulting service to veterinarians and clients in Australia, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, New Zealand
 and Singapore over past 13 years
Lectured to veterinary students on animal behaviour at the Universities of Melbourne and Sydney for past 13 years
Part-time consultant to veterinarians, dog owners and cat owners on behaviour problems for 20 years (1970-1989 UK and NZ)
Presenter of lectures and seminars to veterinarians and animal behaviourists in numerous countries for 30 years
Member of Advisory Committee of the Animal Welfare Centre (Cooperative centre formed by University of Melbourne, Monash University
 and Natural Resources & Environment of Victorian Government) for past 5 years

Veterinary Registration
Registered to practice as a veterinarian in Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia, United Kingdom and Hong Kong
Please note that he is unable to offer advice or treatment as a veterinarian in other places

Other People

Other veterinary and animal behaviour graduates within and outside Australia are available to provide service if necessary

Privacy & Confidentiality

Personal information that you supply will be treated as confidential
It would normally be shared with your referring and/or usual veterinarian
We will respect your wishes if you do not wish information to be shared with your referring and/or usual veterinarian
Personal information would only be revealed to other parties with your permission or when required by law


Prahran Veterinary Hospital, Prahran East, VIC, Australia
University of Sydney Veterinary Clinic, Camperdown, NSW, Australia
Adelaide Veterinary Specialist & Referral Centre, Norwood, SA, Australia
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